How To Embody Your Higher Divine Purpose By Becoming A Masterful Energy Healer

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Ahtayaa Leigh

Ahtayaa Leigh

Energy Healing Activator & Ascension Guide

Ahtayaa Leigh is an acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer who specializes in healing through guided activation/meditation and hypnotic journeying.   She is the anchor point and facilitator of The Golden Ray Initiations, a series of potent Cosmic Consciousness activations.

Having walked the path of transmutation and spiritual rebirth, Ahtayaa's life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation.  Her most heart felt passion is helping other healers truly embrace their innate healing gifts and honor their journey of Self discovery.

At the planetary level, Ahtayaa leads ceremonies and activations to support the healing of Mother Earth and collective humanity.

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