About The Facilitator

Ahtayaa Leigh

Ahtayaa Leigh

Energy Healing Activator & Wisdom Teacher

Ahtayaa Leigh is an awakened Wisdom Teacher and Energy Healer who specializes in healing through guided activation/meditation and hypnotic journeying.   She is the anchor point and facilitator of The Golden Ray Initiations, a series of potent Cosmic Consciousness activations.

Having walked the path of transmutation and spiritual rebirth, Ahtayaa's life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation.  Her most heart felt passion is helping other healers truly embrace their innate healing gifts and honor their journey of Self discovery.

At the planetary level, Ahtayaa leads ceremonies and activations to support the healing of Mother Earth and collective humanity.

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It has been a truly wonderful experience taking this course!

Ahtayaa is an incredible teacher, who has inspired me immensely. She has been so kind and helpful along the way, and is truly a Golden Ray of Light emanating Love to all of her students and to the entire world. I am so grateful for all that she has taught me in this eye opening and informative class!

After being certified, I plan to open up my own healing practise where I will offer Energy Healing to help assist others in their self healing, self mastery, and ascension journeys in any and every way that I can.

I look forward to sharing all that I have learned with those willing to begin their own journeys. It will be my honour and privilege to hold space for others, and to witness and support them in their healing.

Thank you so much Ahtayaa, for everything!

So much Love, Breelyn

Breelyn Johnston

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This course was a life changer.

I am a physical therapist, so I’ve spent countless hours studying how the body heals according to Western philosophies. But there was always a sense of incompleteness to what I learned and practiced as a physical therapist. So I began to dig deeper on my own to find the true essence of healing, and that search led me here.

This course was exactly what I was searching for to complete my understanding of the healing process, and it gave me the tools to begin incorporating energy healing into my own practice.

I now plan to start my own holistic physical therapy/energy healing practice to begin to empower my community with the skills to heal themselves and experience life in all its beauty.

This course has raised my consciousness to new levels and has opened the door to new areas of learning and exploration that I never thought possible. I am so grateful for Ahtayaa and for her providing this platform of learning and expansion. It is a true gift. Thank you!

Christopher Breaux

Wonderful Course! Wonderful Teacher!

I found Ahtayaa about 18 months ago, (my gosh time flies) she has been with me through my journey of re-membering and healing every step of the way. As a friend and a mentor she is truly an inspiration to humanity! I am overjoyed, and gushing with gratitude for her assistance.

As for me, everyday I become more aligned with my purpose and path. And as I flow with the universe, my intention is to remain open and limitless in what is in store for me. I am, and have always been in service of The Golden Ray. And I know, the individuals that I am to help, heal, and activate will be placed before me. With tears in my eyes as I write this..

Thank You Ahtayaa! And Much Love Amanda

Amanda Drain

I have never been more sure of anything in my existence, than what I feel with continuing my light worker divine path being an energy healer.

This class propelled my spiritual growth and healing, and solidified things I knew were always inside of me, but I never had the answers for.

I will be looking into broadening my scope as much as possible so I can make this a healthy livelihood within my law of abundance creation and exchange.

You are amazing and I will always look to your meditations, activation’s, and teachings.

Thank you!

Krystal Hall