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What You'll Receive!

What's included in the energy healing course
  • Accredited Energy Healer Certification Course.  As a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner you’ll be eligible to join the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and receive discounted practitioner insurance (in 26 countries).
    This demonstrates to your clients that you are a professional Energy Healer.
  • Lifetime access to the state of the art learning portal containing the course modules and resources, including all future updates.
  • 12 Video Classes with Ahtayaa Leigh 
    • Spiritual Protection
    • Grounding & Anchoring Energy
    • Forgiveness & Letting Go
    • Developing Intuition
    • Healing With Angels
    • Facilitating A Powerful Energy Healing Session 
    • Counseling As An Energy Healer
    • DNA Healing Activation
    • Advanced Energy Healing Techniques
    • Advanced Chakra Healing & Implant Removal
    • Ancestral Healing Journey
    • Energy Healers & The Ascension
      These powerful classes include energy healing activations because your own healing is my priority.  As your awareness expands, so does your ability to help others.
  • BONUS 1! Distant Reiki Attunement Levels 1, 2 and Master, leading to Reiki Master/Teacher certification
  • BONUS 2! An extensive library of ebooks and web resources covering a wide range of energy healing topics in depth.
  • BONUS 3!  An active Facebook Energy Healers Community.  Connect with fellow light workers participating in the energy healing course.  Share wisdom, inspiration and healing energy.

I've learned so much and I can't even put into words how much it's changed my life.

I did not realize how much I was going to love this course.  Any questions during my course were answered promptly.

It was easy to learn especially with so many videos.  It was amazing!

If you're on the fence about taking this course - I'm going to tell you that you will not regret it!

Nina Jones

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I gained a lot of insight into energy healing of which I knew nothing of. I was led to you in search of a healing course because I was destined to be in the field of healing.

I loved the fact that this course taught a variety of healing methods that a practitioner can choose or be guided towards. I am very thankful that this course is certified and also the ability to obtain insurance world wide. I loved the attunements, I found them very effective and relaxing especially the Tibetan singing bowls.

Your voice is also very relaxing as well, full of love and kindness and that shines through. I would recommend this course, well worth the price paid. I will be using the tools learned here to being my own energy healing career. It has benefited me greatly and has opened up my love and understanding of this holistic practice.

Janice Hemmings

I loved this course. It is the first online course that I actually completed! I've purchased so many in the past and never completed them.

The content from the course was so interesting and thorough regarding the topics chosen. I felt that I really learned a lot and feel that I have greater confidence as an energy healer from taking this class.

There isn't anything that I would change! There was so much content and I really enjoyed the class. Thank you!!

Kristin Robinson

If not now, when? 

Giving Back

The Academy Of Energy Healing makes a donation every month to the SOL International Foundation, based in Central America.

SOL (School of Life) International Foundation is working to initiate and support community-based programs designed to promote education and increase the quality of life in developing areas.