Do Reiki Attunements at a Distance Really Work?

A question I’m often asked is how can attunements be given without the Facilitator being ‘present’?

I’m addressing this because the misconception that attunements cannot be given without the Facilitator being present actually serves to stunt growth, individually and collectively.

Here are three important perspectives to meditate on:

  1. Energy is not bound by the limits of time and space. Whether this be Reiki or any other form of energy healing, by definition, there is no amount of time or space that will diminish the power of life force energy. The only things that impede our ability to receive, and subsequently transmit energy vibrations, are the veils and limitations we place upon ourselves. It is the distortions of illusion within our own energy field that make us think energy is restricted. This viewpoint has no foundation in Cosmic Law.

  2. Just as all healing is self-healing, all attunements are self-attunements. The job of the Facilitator is not to put energy into you and make it work. The role of the Facilitator is to be a guide, assisting you to awaken and connect with the Source of power within you. What’s way more important than proximity is the ability of the Facilitator to be an effective guide, empowering and nurturing your innate connection to Source. This can be achieved equally in person or at a distance.
  3. One of the biggest inhibitors of ascension (expanded awareness) is dogma. I will use Reiki as an example, simply because it’s where this occurs most often. Reiki is a wonderful gateway to the world of energy healing, and it plays an important role in the crossover between the occult (hidden) and the mainstream. This crossover is essential for mass ascension.
    However, the double edged sword of Reiki is that many practitioners are plagued by dogma; believing things should be done a certain way because ‘it is the way it has always been done’. Dogma stunts expansion.
    Usui Reiki was founded more than 100 years ago. The world has changed since then. We have the ability to connect with anyone around the world, without delay, and through many different modes. This ability to connect at a distance only serves to expand the possibilities we have as energy healers, whilst still honoring the original intent of a modality. Energy healing can be thought of as a technology that is constantly expanding and evolving as our consciousness expands. We’ve been gifted with technologies to use them for our highest good!

We are in an energetic climate that is opening our awareness to so much more than we could ever imagine.

Maintain the beginners mindset, allow the flow and stay open to the massive changes that are on their way.

Thank you for your time!