Embodying 5D Abundance In Your Life Now

Many of us on the spiritual path spend some part of our journey reading books such as ‘The Secret’ and listening to inspirational speakers and channelers like Abraham Hicks.  They teach us that we can use the Law of Attraction to get whatever we want.  The big house,...

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Reiki Vs Golden Light ~ What’s The Difference?

The golden ray is a superhighway for golden source light energy to carry the light codes of the divine plan throughout the universe. The golden ray births the pure love of the Creator into the universe through our heart centers, giving us the power (and...

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The Key To Removing Unwanted Entities From Your Field

From one lifetime to the next we all inevitably pick up hitchhikers who come along with us for the ride on the journey of our soul.  Parasitic thought forms made their way into Creation as a byproduct of the illusion of separation from Divinity.  Separation birthed...

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Embody Your Divinity With The Golden Ray

There is so much hype around embodying our higher selves.  Bringing spirit into matter is the crux of the great work here on earth.  But how do we really do that?  How does it feel? No person or book can tell us how it feels to be whole.  It’s something we must...

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The Divine Solar Feminine and Ascension

It’s happening.  We are rapidly approaching the end of a major cycle of fear and separation and entering a new cycle of peace and harmony. Many thousands of Emissaries of Light are now positioned around the globe, ready to anchor the next influx of high frequency...

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Healing Our Relationships By Balancing Our Chakras

Today we live in a world where harmonious relationships are the exception, not the rule. If we’re not getting divorced or jumping from one relationship to another we’re living in misery constantly at eachother’s throats. Now, that may seem somewhat extreme, but really...

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How To Heal Your Mental Body

Our outer physical body is a manifestation of our inner consciousness. It is the product of the thoughts that make up our belief system. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our thoughts will eventually manifest in our outer world. In order for healing in our outer...

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Why Spiritual Practice Is Essential For Long Term Healing

What does it really mean to be healed? Healing is a form transmutation or transformation; changing form. When you heal yourself, you transform yourself, transmuting that which does not serve you. You take ‘dis-ease’ and transform it into health. True healing is a...

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