Currently, there is uncertainty of Abundance in our world. Will there be enough for me? Many of us have this basic question. We know the universe is abundant. We see this in nature, the laws of the universe and in the many manifestations in our daily lives.

Have you been asking for Abundance and yet, feel like it is not enough or perhaps more is needed?

Are there feelings of being stuck, is there fear or blockages? And, how big is your Havingness?

If one is hungry/thirsty and goes to receive nourishment, the size of the plate/cup determines how much can be given.

Think of Havingness as the container for your Abundance. Increase the size of the container. With ease, gratitude and in perfect timing, see what comes forward.

  • In meditation, energetically see the Solar Plexus Chakra; Manipura: the “lustrous gem of the city”.
  • Increase the will for Abundance and Havingness by focusing, expanding and drawing those energies to Manipura. Where intention goes energy flows. Will does not belong in the root chakra, nor the Heart, nor 3rd eye. Willpower belongs in the clear shining Manipura.
  • How much can you expand? How much can you receive? Bring the image into your manipura, and connect with the Golden Ray to align and give gratitude.

Please note; the Universe is unconcerned with money. Instead of asking for money, we can increase our abundance/havingness for the things money can bring us: security, stability, material objects, enjoyment, pleasure, independence and freedom.